This blog is dedicated to all the goats that have suffered needlessly, or died, due to the indifference of a company that is supposed to love animals----Purina.

If you have had a goat develop urinary calculi, or died suddenly from this condition while being fed Purina Goat Chow, please send me your story.

Although this Goat Chow is clearly labeled "complete nutrition for all goats" it does not contain ammonia chloride, an important ingredient in the prevention of urinary calculi in male goats.  Purina representatives acknowledge that this missing ingredient should be added to the goats diet thru supplement. This information is not on the label, nor is a warning that this goat chow can have deadly consequences for male goats.  Purina also does not educate, or alert, their dealers to the ill affects of feeding Purina Goat Chow to males goats, in particular.  While less expensive feeds have this key ingredient, the most expensive feed, Purina Goat Chow, does not.  Despite their knowledge of the dangers of their Goat Chow, Purina offers no label warning, nor intents to add the missing ammonia chloride to the feed.

Please help us to force a change!

Untold numbers of sweet, innocent male goats have suffered and died at the hands of Purina.  If your male goat has developed urinary calculi, or died suddenly, please share your story with us!

Only in our numbers, and increased awareness, and boycotting can we Help Save the Goats!

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